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Feeding Troughs

For quick and simple horse care

We offer solutions that allow rapid feeding and keep personnel costs to a minimum.

Developed by us

The feeding troughs that we have developed offer horses and carers maximum safety and ensure fast feeding, also of large numbers of horses. It is not necessary to enter the stall to fill any of our troughs with concentrated feed. The feeding systems can of course be combined with any stall front.





Feeding troughs and feeding systems
Our feeding troughs are available in stainless steel or with a galvanised finish. The rotating trough is always equipped with a round trough; you can choose the shape of the trough for the feeding flap and the feeding slot. The rotating trough is very safe to use, also for personnel. The rotating trough can be turned in any direction and engages quietly and automatically. It is equipped with a semicircular trough made of stainless steel. The feeding slot and feeding flap offer practical advantages.

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