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The health and well-being of your horses is our top priority.







The solariums combine a high performance with a robust design and simple operation. Your horses will thank you for it. 
Solariums LIGHT, DE LUXE and PREMIUM - our three systems offer a great deal of comfort for every need. While the LIGHT model is available in various versions, the DE LUXE and PREMIUM models feature an integrated, powerful air circulation system. The underside of the horse is therefore also optimally dried.


A horse solarium is a wonderful addition to any stable or equine facility. Solariums are designed to improve your horse’s health by increasing circulation and speeding up the healing process. By using Infrared, Ultraviolet, and LED RGB light therapy, you can boost your horse’s performance and overall wellness.


Other purposes of horse solariums include warming up your horse before riding, relaxing their muscles after training, and drying them quickly when wet to keep them healthy and comfortable. It’s incredibly easy to use a horse solarium and take advantage of these benefits.



Horse Solariums can play a vital role in ensuring your horses are in optimal condition, improving their welfare by focusing on the development of their physical and emotional needs.


The main benefits for using a solarium include:


The benefits of muscle warm-up and relaxation ahead or after exercise

Providing relief for sore backs and skin conditions

Strengthening their immune system.


Aiding recovery from injury and also preventing injuries from occurring.


Reducing drying time after a wash before rugs can be


  • Radiant heat improves blood circulation.

  • Heat being a form of energy, increases cellular metabolism.

  • Infrared light also stimulates the immune system providing vitamin D.

  • Helps reduce muscle stiffness after work & mproves muscle elasticity before intensive training.

  • Recovery for sore backs.

  • Pain relief after injuries.

  • Improves skin conditions to be healthier and shinier coat.

  • Dry off a horse after a shower.

  • Relaxation and recovery.

  • Better health and well being.

Are you planning a project?

We work with you to find an ideal solution that is individual and customised to meet your needs. We would be pleased to advise you!

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