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Treadmill training is designed to increase the horse's endurance, speed, or physiological capacity. In this way, targeted treadmill training can benefit the horse's fitness, speed, and even physiological growth.


The treadmill for horses is used to give horses an additional movement. The training devices ideally support the warm-up before the workout, as well as during the drying process. In addition, treadmills contribute to an increase in physical fitness and muscle building and to rehabilitation. Having the proper equipment can give your horse a workout without the risk of rider error, inconsistent pacing, or inclement weather. Aside from being a highly effective training tool, an equine treadmill can be adjusted to aid recovery and operates much like a human treadmill, but on a larger scale. Of all horse exercise equipment, a treadmill is one of the best ways to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina.


Even on bad weather days, horses can get the workout they need in a safe, well-contained area.


  • Treadmill with 4kW motor

  • Variable speed

  • IR gate

  • Two ramps

  • Infra red port for falling horse

  • Computer controlled switch board

  • Galvanised

  • User friendly

  • Smooth side walls

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