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- The advantage of swimming is the upward pressure which reduce gravitational  forces
- A swimming horse is obliged to se its use full body without t being put to an extreme test. 
- These resones make swimmimng the optimal way of rehabilitaing for your horse.
- Swimming is the best mehod to accelrate and improve the rehabilitaing processes without putting great stresson the horse’s body.


Swimming your horse maintains proper body and muscle tone, cardiopulmonary capacity and helps maintain or increase the mental capabilities of the horse. It is especially effective in helping the equine athlete recover from sour attitudes that some seasoned horses develop after long periods of performance.


Post-surgical cases benefit greatly from this more gentle type of rehabilitation and exercise. Swimming allows the horse to begin using its muscles and cardiopulmonary system within 7-14 days after surgery. The length of swim time is gradually increased as the horse recovers its ability to endure more strenuous activity. 


The pool is a straight-line design where the horse swims against resistance. This is the safest method for swimming equine patients since they are only a few strides from safety should they become unable to swim.


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