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Impressive quality that has proven its worth around the world

The round horse walkers have demonstrated their reliability and smooth running for decades. When we design our horsewalkers we focus on safety and durability. This focus pays off because our horsewalkers always run reliably under any weather conditions

Highest flexibility with proven safety

Top-quality bearings, a noiseless V-belt drive with a long lifespan, and the safest for your horse. In addition, the complete construction is galvanized and water-resistant. The construction is fully thermally galvanized and has a low center of gravity for the best stability. Our standard sizes are 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, and 20 meters in diameter, for 3 to 8 horses. Custom-made horse walkers are also possible.

The horse walkers are equipped with a user-friendly control system with a digital frequency controller of the highest quality.


Advantages of the round horse walkers

  • Extremely strong basic structure

  • Safe and horse-friendly features

  • Durable, solid rubber tyre drive units

  • Different roof designs available

  • Approximately 2.40 m wide, comfortable track

  • Different diameters from 13 to 25 m for three to ten horses

Our different versions at a glance

Round horsewalker without roof

  • The tower horsewalker without a roof can be used for outdoor installation or in a building. The ring horsewalker is suitable for existing roofed areas.


Round horsewalkers with track roof

  • The roof on the horsewalkers with a track roof is 3,40 m wide. This makes training independent of the weather and the facility can be used all year round. With this design the interior remains completely free and unobstructed. Existing horsewalkers can also be retrofitted with our track roofs.

  • The basic design is suitable for ring and tower horsewalkers.

Round horsewalkers with full roof

  • The ring horsewalker with Classic full roof is the perfect combination of horsewalker and lunging arena. In addition to being able to train your horses in all weathers with controlled exercise in the horsewalker, the system also permits lunging in the open interior area.


Working under an extraordinary roof

  • The ring horsewalker with Multiline full roof offers you many practical advantages for daily work with your horses and enough free space for your wishes and exercising your horses. The impressive roof structure is supported by beams made of laminated wood and steel columns.

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