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Entrance Gates

Impressive design and function

Our gates make every building something special and underline its individual character with their modular combination and variation options. The design and functionality of every single gate is impressive.

Stable and indoor arena gates

Gates for the stables and indoor riding arena must be very durable and long-lasting. They have to withstand the effects of wind and weather, are constantly exposed to changing temperatures and sometimes have to forgive slight slips and carelessness. The GEYAD BARNS gates are solidly built and the many details ensure that they will look good and do their job for a long time. They are made to measure and fitted precisely in existing or new buildings.


Innovative emergency gates

With the latch that we designed ourselves it is possible to open the door from the inside at any time  even if it is locked from the outside. There is no need to lock it again, because as soon as the sliding gate is closed, it is locked again. This emergency door banishes the fear that someone may be locked in accidentally.


Hinged gates with two or four wings

The number of door wings affects convenience – four-wing doors let enough fresh air in, but do not let horses leave the building. The wooden infill of the gates can be determined individually and oak wood infills are also possible.

Entrance gates with segmental arches lend all stables an exclusive appearance and can enhance the entire facility. As all gates are made to measure, the shape of the arch can be modified to suit your wishes.


Sliding gates

The sliding gates are easy to handle, very smooth-running and allow an individual passage width. They can be readjusted at any time. The running gear itself is based on the size of the gate and the outside can be designed to match the overall architecture. If required, draught excluder brushes can be fitted inconspicuously at the side

Wooden slatted gates
The robust steel core of our wooden slatted gates is clad with attractive wooden slats to match the architecture of the building. This creates a stylish look and at the same time achieves the required durability with the steel core. The wooden gate infills
are made of tricoya. Matching the classic design of the wooden cladding, the hinges of the gates are elegantly and softly designed and round off the high-quality appearance.

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